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    Durable Digital Device

    High quality digital zapper and frequency generator.

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    Take full advantage of all build-in functions based on years of development.

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    Rocket Science close at hand

    Full range of remote support and space development tech.

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    Mac OS X ready

    Available for OS X Yosemite using CrossOver Mac Software.

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    Windows PC softw.

    RavoRife PC software with full support and own database.

Super Ravo Zapper – The Best Digital Rife & Clark Frequency Generator

Dr. Hulda Clark invented a parasite zapper. Super Ravo Zapper is the best Hulda Clark Zapper - developed beyond her book The Cure for All Diseases. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife found Cancer Cure That Worked! and his Rife plasma tube machines was suppressed for decades but they are available today. Hulda Clark Zapper

Brand new Adventure

Join incredible adventures of discoveries of Dr. Hulda Clark, Raymond Rife and Bob Beck.

Heal the World

If one by one will change own way to get fit, together we will change the world forever.

700+ programs

Set up 700+ own preselections from (CAFL) The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List or Hulda Clark's frequencies.

Technical Support

Get technical support for free. Monthly news from research and development by email.

Community forums

Share your experiences with your best friends and others by social media and on community forums.

Custom Programs

Create your individual programs and share it with others. Get new programs for free.

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