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Zappers   Plasma Tube Devices   F-SCANs   Bioresonance devices

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Over 5 years of experineces. Super Ravo Zapper or Plasma Generator.

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  • Frank Osvath


    Dear Research Team,

    I am looking for a scan device that is capabale identifying frequency wavelengths above 800 Khz up to at least 900 khz. I need it for a private research development project to determine the frequency of a particular mite.

    If you cannot help me with referring a particular device I would be happy if you could carry out the actual testing of determining the frequency of my test subjects in your laboratory.

    Frank Osvath researcher/developer


    • Super Ravo Zapper Support


      Dear Mr. Osvath,

      we provide our customers with the FSCAN devices that can generate frequencies from 1 Hz to 3 MHz.
      This device is dedicated to measure out the frequencies of these pathogens from the human body. So the person holds the electrodes during the DIRP procedure.
      So if you need the device that can find out the frequency of the pathogen separated from the body I am afraid this one could not help.

      As far as I know Dr. Hulda Clark had used the Spectometer device to measure the pathogens.

      Have a nice day,
      Best regards,

      Hynek Tomíček


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