Royal R. Rife (1888 - 1971) was a top scientist and innovator. Dr. Rife was a microbiologist and optician and also very skillful mechanic. He was a holder of tens of patents and an author of the his new method of disease elimination by means of precisely shaped electrical pulses of specific frequency. Royal Rife was a great inventor of a new type of fluorescent light microscope that enabled studying of bacteria and active livinge viruses. He used to work precisely in accordance with strict scientific methods and repeated each experiment before evaluating the results and recording its success.

Dr. Rife achieved 100% success rate in cancer treatment and many other infectious diseases were almost immediately eliminated with by his rife machines (plasma generators) without experiencing any side effects and only by an application of specific frequencies emitted by the his plasma tube. Many of medical doctors who worked with Dr. Rife’s machines described them as highly efficient and absolutely vital medical devices that managed to cure a whole series of diseases. Dr Royal Rife and his several decades long reseach was suppressed and you can read his life story in book:


Cancer cure that worked

You can also see a documentary  The Royal Rife Story.

Dr Royal Raymond Rife and his microsope

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his microscope he used for studying active viruses

Universal Mircroscope made by Dr Royal Raymond Rife

Universal microscope made by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

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