Super Ravo Zapper is Dr. Hulda R. Clark's zapper but not only that. Super Ravo Zapper is fully programmable digital frequency generator with the latest features of the reliable and programable framework. It comes with a broad range of features, preselected programs as well as free sets of memory banks for user's own programs. Read on to learn more about this device and its features:

Super Ravo Zapper

  • Digital frequency generator of true Dr. Hulda Clark's square waves
  • 740+ memory banks for any programs
  • Heavy-duty battery for 8+ hours of running
  • Durable casing and years proven technology
  • 3 styles variations of running a frequency
  • Choose from 1oo preselected programs
  • RavoRife software available for Windows and iOS (with CrossOver framework)
  • Carry case for zapper and accessories
  • 2 year manufacture warranty
  • Technical support for FREE
  • Brand new accessories for wireless zapping

Super Ravo Zapper accessories

We provide only heavy-duty accessories tested for years. Created some nice theme profiles using the different styles, colors and fonts, you can choose from in the theme administration. You can create your own profiles and even assign them to different menu items. Click on one of the profile images to load it.

We love possibilities

You can easily choose any of preselected program to run. You can create your own programs and even do it using RavoRife software or do it without.     Widget not found!  

Easy Installation and Customization

Demo Packages

Preselection Programs

We provide preselection package with 100 programs ready to use to get you started straight away.

Ffrequency Sources

Frequency lists Sources

We are providing all the basic frequency sources and continuosly adding new ones.