Our company is starting to sell a brand new model of successful frequency generator Super Ravo Zapper. This is third generation of our device. The release day is 11.4.2012. New model has over 740 preselections and is fully programmable via PC. Users can put several frequencies in row for a single program. Frequencies are running fully automatically.

How new Super Ravo Zapper works?

  1. At first you have to download pc software RavoRife via your customer download link to be abale to make programs for your Super Ravo Zapper.
  2. For each program you can wrote Name of preselection and thru and usig publicly known lists of frequencies you can set up fixed frequencies or whole ranges of frequencies.
  3. Once your ready just connet new Super Ravo Zapper via USB cable to PC and by clicking a single buton you copy everything into internal memory in Super Ravo Zapper.
Then you can unplug your Super Ravo Zapper from PC and your zapper is ready to use. Everything is fast and very simple.