Our devices are the next generation tool set for your health. This toolkit is the first of its kind! It provides a simple and user-friendly way to enrich your life experience with fast programs and powerful way how to get rid off pathogens, gain more life energy and much more. All devices use modern technologies for best results. Here is a short feature roundup:


  • Available for everyone
  • All devices can work stand-alone
  • Using them together is sortcut to your health
  • Durable and proven by years of using
  • Supported by our technical and customer support
  • Uses software to eliminate manwork
  • Built with passion to serve

How It Works

Zapper basically acts as a platform for basic treatments. It is very simple to operate and it gets great results for most of diseases and health problems. Also great tool for chronical problems for everyday use. It has strong battery, havy duty output and it is very durable. We call it "worker". F-SCAN devices are here mainly for detecting pathogens in your body and to get the faster result for all non-know inflamations and non-known virus infections. All our F-SCAN devices have scanning and treatment functions. We do not sell F-SCANs without scanning function. For prices visit our shop