Adjustable frequency:

Lower band: from 1 Hz to 999 Hz.

Higher band: from 1 kHz to 900 kHz with ratio 1:1.

Pulse steepness about 30 nS.

Power output signal at log.1:

Max. 200 mW, short-circuit proof.

Shift speed adjustable for:

Lower band: 0.001 Hz to 0.255 Hz per second.

Higher band: 0.001 kHz to 0.255 kHz per second.

Power supply:

18 - 24Vdc.

Internal 12V 0.8 Ah battery.

External power miniature switching adapter 18V/1A input from 100 to 240 VAC.

The device is protected against potential reverse polarity of the power adapter.

Battery Life:

Time of working approx. 12 hours nonstop.

Charging from the discharged/flat condition to the fully charged condition about 12 hours.

Warning at a discharged state app. 1 hour prior to self-disconnection.

The percentage display of the remaining battery power.

Output voltage adjustable:

(Peak-peak): approx. 5 to 15 V.

Measurement of current consumption at the output:

Output with no load, partial load, short-circuited output + the measurements shutdown option.

Dynamic evaluation depending on the set frequency and output voltage.

Adjustable length of generation:

Up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds per one frequency (the minimum possible value is converted from the range and the speed of frequency shift).


Space for 744 entries of frequencies and groups with the possibility of editing.

Setting the display backlight:

Turning on / off (automatic turning off at low battery voltage)

Setting up the waiting period for the load connection:

1 to 59 minutes.

Time for automatic turning off when idle in the menu:

5 minutes.

Sound signaling of various functions:

Communication with the user, the inputs and outputs:

Backlit display 16 x 2 characters.

Five button control:


Input for power adapter with the 5 x 2.1 mm connector

Burried sliding main power switch

Output connector - cinch socket for connecting the load.

Servicing programming connector used for production purposes.

USB connector for the communication with a computer that allows for management of frequencies, groups and user texts of the language equipment of the device.


2 brushed food stainless steel tubes 17240 Diameter 30 x 1 mm at the length of 100 mm topped with plastic lens cap with a rubber grommet connected to the cinch connector of the very flexible 2 m cable containing in the 1 mm core 260 cores of 0.07 mm diameter each, designed to receive the output signal in fluids, soil, etc. When using liquid electrodes the electrodes shall not be completely immersed.

A flat polished stainless steel electrode made of the food steel for the expansion and improvement of taking the output signal in fluids.

Warnings and Statements

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Super Ravo Zapper is not a medical device.
People using pacemakers and pregnant women should not use zapper.
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